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“Molecular Dissociation: from Dust to Dirt; (Fuzzyblobs, Fuzzballs, and Venting),” Dr Judy Wood

May 18, 2016

“Figure 74b. Coming out of hiding, these people look amazed. From the postures, these folks look amazed. They are probably wondering if they are asleep and dreaming. After all, there should be a 110-story building directly in front of them. Where did it go? They are looking across the Vesey Street intersection at the remains of WTC6. In the distance, on the far side of the intersection, a fellow stands in amazement, with his hands on his hips. These people are approximatey 200 to 300 feet from where the 1,368-foot north wall of WTC1 stood. There appear to be no obvious indications that a 110-story building, over a quarter mile tall, had been there earlier in the day. Except for a few pieces of aluminum cladding strewn to the side, some paper and dust are all that remain.”


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