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April 4, 2017


1987-1997……Doctor of Philosophy.  Akamai University, Hilo, Hawaii.  Mentor: Dr. Marcia Herndon, Ethnomusicologist.  Copyright protected by Library of Congress, 7/28/99.

Dissertation Focus: “Education / Advoccy / Empowerment.”  The Archetypal Psychology of “Transference Phenomena,” i.e., “Anima” & “Animus” Projection(s) of “Wholeness” applied to C.G. Jung’s Holistic Geopolitic / Mythophoetic Analysis of those Literal and Symbolic Parental/Governing / Child Opposites.  Embodies the Comparative Analysis of Indigenous “Sustainable Worldview”/ Sacred Images of Cultural Birthright / Initiating Creation Mythos Mysteries / Archetypally Patterned, Paradoxically Informing, Intrapsychic Motifs of “Circumambulation,” “Hierosgamos,” “Dissolution,” “Purification,” “Transmutation,” “Differentiated Re-embodiment,” “New Birth.”

Updated thesis Focus:  “The archetypal psychology of psyche’s soulfully related and culturally gendered birthright of distinction in ‘wholeness’ over time.”  Comparative ritual amplification of a paradoxically informing, intrapsychic ritualized process of dream analysis dialogue with a man’s and a woman’s unknown and undifferentiated archetypally inherited pattern of a projected mythic-body shadow of cultural birthright “in-love” with a longing for transcendent healing reconciliation of “supreme symbolic inner parenting child” opposites in “wholeness.”

As will be amplified through archetypally patterned imaginally ritualized motifs of cross-cultural rites of passage and healing traditions, that imaginal libidinal hermaphroditic projection is the foundational imaginal basis and applied praxis of discriminating re-embodied modern dream analysis dialogue with psyche’s numina of transferred phenomena in love and longing for “wholeness.”  That amplification will document what Jung refers to as the archetypal numinous shadow of psyche’s autonomous projection as “anima” in a potential differentiated and re-embodied original whole man, and “animus” in a potential differentiated and re-embodied original whole woman.  Those supreme symbolic “parental/governing” opposites of four elements embody an unknown numinous ritual image of culturally gendered  birthright and distinction in “wholeness” that are transformed into the “child archetype” of a “third new possibility” in that “wholeness” over time.  That “wholeness” is the foundational ethical sustainable basis of individuational, relational, cultural, geopoliticized development.

As comparative ritual documentation, and its geopoliticized elimination will amplify, “modern” literal one-sided ego is ignorant of psyche’s ancestral dreaming body of innate longing for transcendent healing reconciliation and transformation into wholeness.  That “wholeness” is not assumed conscious by virtue of literal cultural birthright, or “eliminated” by “superior totalitarian nuclear defensive ignorance” in “straightened white jackets” of “vertical linear thinking.”  It was for that reason that rites of passage and shamanic, Aboriginal, Native American, Tantric, alchemic et al Gnostic traditions of healing reconciliation were transliterated over time by “our” “forgotten” “first ancestral parents” into an internalized ritual dream analysis dialogue with psyche’s oppressed, repressed, suppressed, depressed, rejected and projected geopoliticized numinous dreaming-body shadow of libidinal imaginal projection(s) of “wholeness.”   Those projections are the paradoxically informing, intrapsychic imaginal, numinous emotional ritual basis of modern Western, white “dream analysis” of the “transference phenomena” that cannot reduce its “child” to a “numerically coded” “tabula rasa” stripped of its culturally gendered one-sided historic shadow of “final solution” “treatment,” or its autonomous mythic dreaming-body shadow that calls forth that “geopoliticized relational transference” in the first place.

As amplified and revealed through extensive cross-cultural ritual examples of psyche’s “all pervasive” “etiologic dreaming-body” of undifferentiated “mythic parental/governing/child projections” into “geopoliticized oneness”; archetypally patterned, exemplary paradigmatic centering structures of imaginally ritualized motifs of “circumambulation,” “symbolic marriage,” “dissolution,” “purification,” “discriminating re-embodiment,” and “new birth,” can be generally outlined, paradoxically extracted, and re-applied as a spiritual/soulful totemic helping hand.  That “helping hand” is itself transformed in part into a differentiated and re-embodied praxis of dream analysis dialogue with psyche’s “differences” as an internalized “cultural hero’s” and “heroine’s quest” of longed for transcendent healing reconciliation and transformation in love with “wholeness” “in time,” “over time,” and “out of time.”  Through a discriminating ritualized, artistic, paradoxically informing, intrapsychic process of individual dream analysis dialogue with psyche’s identified, personified, differentiated and internalized projected mythic parental/governing/child opposite shadow of undifferentiated “wholeness”; egos one-sided, historically inculcated ignorance of incestualized, geopoliticized, “false flag gender violence” of “full spectrum, mate blaming, democratic, Western, white, male dominance”; that analytic dialogue is experientially understood as a “Therapy of Culture”; the ethos of “our” “constitutional democracy”; and sustainable development of “our” individuational, relational, emotional, intellectual soulful cultural development(s).  That objectively and subjectively soulfully related and culturally gendered distinct development is psychologically understood as the praxis of a daily living art in dialogue with psyche’s archetypal autonomous, numinous emotional, libidinal hermaphroditic feminine shadow of symbolic difference in a differentiated and re-embodied original whole individual man; and psyche’s archetypal autonomous, numinous emotional, libidinal hermaphroditic masculine shadow of symbolic difference in a differentiated and re-embodied original whole individual woman that are paradoxically soulfully related and distinct “at once” “in-love” with “wholeness” that cannot be “eliminated” from the equation of “human relationship(s).”

As amplified through the transmogrified “mental health systems” of men’s and woman’s archetypally patterned, ritualized, dreaming-bodies of projected, paradoxically soulfully related co-creation mythos stories of gendered distinction in “transcendent unity” dreamed forward over time; it is finally not a matter of “eliminating” psyche’s archetypal autonomous ancestral shadow of highly complex, paradoxical, soulfully related difference(s) in “wholeness” with more undifferentiated Western white, “eugenically modifying,” patristic/patriarchal, Zionist/Christian, “colonizing,” “enslaving,” “numerically coded,” “final solution,” “mental health treatment paradigms”; their myopic, causal reductive, one-sided, historically disinforming, geopoliticized “isms”; their “double-binding” “blaming the victim(s)” “medical models” of “military industrial complexity,” stripped of culturally gendered history and psyche’s  projected, disembodied mythic dreaming-body shadow of “cultural birthright” in “wholeness”; their inculcated “parental/governing/child human trafficking” of “full spectrum incestualizing dominance”; and their “never-to-be-questioned,” “investigated” and “silenced” “symptoms” of “whole autoimmune bio and eco systems of dis-ease in pandemic revolt” created by those inculcated paradigms of “false flag gender violence” in the first place NOT of egos own making.  We have seen and experienced enough of the curse of that one-sidedness.  It is rather a matter of how to live with a consciously differentiated and re-embodied realization of psyche’s  archetypal feminine and masculine cultural shadows in a whole individual man and woman respectively without repeating a “silenced concentration camp ethic” of “fake news” “as if” it is not happening; “as if” it never happened; “as if” there is nothing to talk about; “as if” there is nothing that can be done on the way to “concert reservations” in “Toyland”

What Western, white, culturally gendered, one-sided, Zionist/Christian development has done and is doing to indigenous peoples and the Earth it has done and is doing to psyche’s indigenous soulful roots in its whole bio and eco systems of autoimmunity in “pandemic revolt” within a “criminalized State” of “cultural suicide.”  For its little part psyche first reveals to ego what is out of balance in its whole psychic system through the compensatory function of its autonomous dreaming body of projected numina that is not assumed conscious by virtue of cultural birthright, relationship, or “eliminated” by superior, ignorant, nuclear defense.

Akamai University, Hilo, Hawaii.  Mentor: Dr. Marcia Herndon, Ethnomusicologist.  Copyright protected by Library of Congress, 7/28/99.

1978-1980……Masters in Social Work. Comparative Theory, Process, and Praxis Analysis of Advocacy, Education and Empowerment of Deinstutionalized Mental Patients from Pilgrim State Hospital into the Community that was based on the work of Paulo Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed.  SUNY @ Stony Brook, NY. Copywright 5/9/1980 by SUNY @ Stony Brook, NY.

1973-1976……Bachelor of Arts. Major: Humanities, Child Psychology, Social Work. University of Minnesota, Mpls. MN.

1971-1973……Liberal Arts.  Dean’s List.  Polk Junior College, Winter Haven, FL.


2017-1997……Psychotherapist – Private Practice. Domestic / International.

1996-1994……Psychotherapist –  Elderly. NY Service Program for Older People. Cross cultural, mixed gender.  NYC.

1996-1982……Personal Jungian Analysis – NYC.

1996-1985……Psychotherapist – Adult, Private Practice, White, Mixed Gender.  Pt. Washington, NY.

1984…………..Psychotherapist – Adolescent. North Shore Child Guidance.  White, male.  Manhasset, NY.

1983…………..Consultant – Adolescent. Independent Diagnostic Educational Associates.  Cross-cultural, mixed gender. Five Boroughs of NY.

1983……………Senior Case Manager – Adult. Fordham Tremont Community Mental Health Center.  Black, mixed gender.  South Bronx, NY.

1982…………….Intake Social Worker – Children/Adolescents. Child Protection, Division of Youth and Family Services. Cross-cultural, mixed gender.  North Bergen, NJ.

1981-1978……..Case Manager – Adult/Elderly.  Mental Health Project.  Advocacy, education, case management of patients “dumped” from Pilgrim State Hospital into the community.  Cross-cultural, mixed gender. SUNY @ Stony Brook, NY.

1978-1976………Special Health Counselor – Elderly. Advocacy and education.  Cross-cultural, mixed gender. Abbott Northwestern Hospital, Mpls., MN.

1975…………….Therapist/Houseparent – Adolescent. Cross-cultural, mixed gender.  Downs Syndrome, Autism, CP, et al.  Muriel Humphrey Group Homes, Eden Prairie, MN.

1974-1978……..Jungian Analysis – Mpls., MN.

1974…………….Therapist – Child/Adolescent/Adult. Community University Health Care Center. , Cross-cultural, mixed gender. University of Minnesota, Mpls, MN.

1973…………….Phone Counselor Crisis Intervention – (FT), Adolescent/Adult. Cross-cultural, mixed gender, St. Paul, MN.


1981-2017…….New York State Licensed Masters of Social Work (LMSW).


1987…………….Analytical Psychology Club Bulletin (Dec.), New York, NY.


1987-1990……..C.G.Jung Analytical Psychology Club by Appointment

2017…………….C.G. Jung Foundation, NYC. On and off member since 80’s.

2001-2017……..Center for Research on Globalization

2017…………….The Corbett Report; Open Source Intelligence News

2017…………….NewsBud; Where Media Integrity Matters

2017…………….YouPic: Photography,  Göteborg, Sweden   


1995……………..Brattleboro, VT.

2010, 2011………Brookings, SD



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