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(4) The archetypally patterned, Western, one-sided, paradigmatic, patristic / patriarchal shadow of historically inculcated, inculturated, geopoliticized, “geoengineered” psyops of criminal, toxic, scientific, military, corporate, spraying of heavy metal nanoparticulate aerosols, a.k.a. “chemtrails” with “electromagnetic modification” (HAARP) and their well documented concomitant omnicidal effect on “our” whole individual autoimmune bio/eco systems–“as if” it is “fake news” and not happening.

April 27, 2018


Any myopic idiosyncratic psychotherapy, or “analysis of its culturally gendered mythic-body transference phenomena” that “denies” the archetypal shadow of its paradigmatic one-sided military industrial complexity of false flag gender violence,” and its cumulative, epidemiologic, pandemic, “electromagnetic manipulation” of autoimmune systems as a “numerically coded” “failure to adapt,” is part of the problem. It is not a matter or getting rid of psyche’s archetypally patterned numinous shadow, for we have seen enough of the curse of that one-sidedness, rather how to live with it in the face of a superior, ignorant, defensive “paradigm of isms” that seeks to “eliminate” any “threat of difference” real or imagined to its “Criminalized State of “full spectrum dominance,” which paradoxically invites a “pandemic autoimmune state of dis-ease” and “rebellion of difference” against it in the first place.

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